Notes for a theory of contemporary education


Very loose ideas floating around my head these days. Even if they are loopy or ridiculous, the seeds of something useful might be in here.Not sure about the mechanistic aspects.

1. We live in a day and age (and in many cases place) in which information is not a scarce resource. Due to the internet and other networked technology we are dealing with a deluge of information ( much of it noise instead of signal.) In many cases that information is ambient…right in front of us, but we don’t notice it.

2. In many cases information is atomized and dispersed, fractured and latent. One goal of contemporary education might be to train people to find what might be useful to them and sequence that information in a way that is meaningful and perhaps even novel.

3. The means to create this sequence might be seen metaphorically as a program. Programs should be consciously examined, modified,and rewritten for different tasks. Before we put input into the program we should develop filters to insure some kind of quality control. Perhaps that can be written into the program…though it might not always be possible.

4. Outputting the sequenced info/data should be in a network that might provide feedback for the effectiveness of the particular output and program. Feedback allows for iterative improvement.