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  • I had a pretty cool gaming moment recently. I found my high school daughter, always in the habit of dragging herself out of bed 15 minutes before her first class at 8:10, eating cereal at 6:30 one morning. Allegra, is there something wrong? I asked. “No, Daddy,” she said. “I set my alarm so my…

  • Technology will change faster than we can teach it. My son studied the popular programming language C++ in his home-school year; that knowledge could be economically useless soon. The accelerating pace of technology means his eventual adult career does not exist yet. Of course it won’t be taught in school. But technological smartness can be.…

  • Fabrickit: DIY wearable computing – Boing Boing

  • “The softwarization of stuff” – Technoculture(s)

    “The softwarization of stuff” – Technoculture(s) “Technoculture(s) | Ramon Sangüesa’s views and experiences in promoting social digital innovation. At the crossroads of people and technology. Sharing the thrill of seeing it happen!”

  • An interview with Jason Rohrer : The Setup

    An interview with Jason Rohrer : The Setup The Setup is a set of interviews with notable people on the subject of their personal technology setup for getting work done. Jason Rohrer is the maker of beautiful videogames as art.

  • TEDxDU

    Cultural Event Opportunity Please be our guest at TEDxDU 2010. On May 13, 2010, the University of Denver will gather innovators and inventors, scientists and philosophers, and activists and entrepreneurs to share their personal stories and the passion that drives their action. From unsung heroes to renowned experts, TEDxDU’s international roster of speakers and performers…