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  • Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony

    Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony via: BoingBoing

  • traslucentalabaster: MDBC Totem

  • Ghostly and Boym Partners devise a new way to deliver digital music – Core77

  • Friendly Music is a new site that offers a huge catalog of copyright-cleared music for its members to use as soundtracks for their personal collection of photos and videos. The site contains over 30,000 copyright-cleared songs across several genres by artists all over the world. Each song costs only $1.99 per video, and can be…

  • collabprojekt: The French electronic duo, Daft Punk, have announced that they will be making several in-person appearances for Tron – the Disney film they produced the soundtrack for – with the soundtrack for the movie coming out in November. They’ll be playing live sets at film screenings in major cities, and might be at the…

  • timothyrosenberg: Tristan Perich “Breathing Portraits” – “Chris and Tom” (by Tristan Perich) Gallery Four, High Zero festival exhibition, 2010 www.tristanperich.com/Breathing_Portraits The Breathing Portraits capture the movement of their subjects’ breathing patterns during sleep and render it in the motion of raw speaker cones.

  • The Wilderness Downtown

    The Wilderness Downtown An interactive short film for Acade Fire, rendered in HTML5.

  • A couple of weeks ago, Nortec Collective’s Clorofila dropped Corridos Urbanos, his long-awaited solo album. We caught up with Clorofila (aka Jorge Verdin) and asked him about his new record. Guanabee: Why a solo album? Jorge Verdin: Towards the end of 2007, we were having a hard time doing a follow-up to Tijuana Sessions Vol.…