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  • We’ve submitted an application to host a site for International Tabletop Day. This will be kept purposefully intimate.

  • Network thinking « Learning Change

    Network thinking « Learning Change gfbertini: Curtis Ogden at The Interaction Institute provides a very good summary of the differences between network-centric and hierarchy-centric thinking, called Network Thinking:     Adaptability instead of control     Emergence instead of predictability     Resilience and redundancy instead of rock stardom     Contributions before credentials     Diversity and divergence One […]

  • Technorati State of the Blogosphere survey

    Every year, you help us make State of the Blogosphere the most comprehensive resource for bloggers, and about bloggers. The 2011 survey is live, and your input is critical. http://www.psasurveys.com/detect.aspx?I.Project=a18214 We’d love for you to share some information about blogging as your passion or your profession, that we can then share back with you, the […]

  • (via PDFmyURL.com – Free & Online: Convert and save PDF from any web page) malleable publishing.

  • laughingsquid: 29 Years Ago, a Smiley Was Born 🙂

  • On the subject of design constantly looking to change or make things better… (via A design firm dares to reinvent the printer | Business Tech – CNET News)

  • Basically, I disagree with Marco’s conclusion that “RSS is best for following a large number of infrequently updated sites.” I quite enjoy having tons of profligate feeds in Google Reader. Doing so lets me occasionally graze through content streams that I would otherwise never remember to return to in my Web browser. It works great […]

  • RSS is a great tool that’s very easy to misuse. And if you’re subscribing to any feeds that post more than about 10 items per day, you’re probably misusing it. I don’t mean that you’re using it in a way it wasn’t intended — rather, you’re using it in a way that’s not good for […]

  • Around the year 2000, I transformed from a writerly guy who took a lot of notes into a writerly guy who took a lot of notes, travelled a lot, and also carried lots of gadgets. My old-school jeans just couldn’t handle my digitized commensal devices. The camera, the mobile, the city maps, the keys, pens, […]