If Mattel has such a right or obligation, should recordings be prescreened before they are uploaded to servers for Mom and Dad to hear? In some cases, “That sounds like something you should talk to a grown-up about” may be appropriate, but what if the child already is talking to a grown-up – the one who will receive these recordings later in the week – and that grown up is the person harming the child? Eighty percent of child abuse is perpetrated by the child’s parent(s). If material is not prescreened for suggestion of abuse, we could be putting already vulnerable children in the way of further harm when their abusers learn they are “blabbing.” However, it is unclear whether and how quickly data of this magnitude even could be screened – one possibility might be to “flag” certain key words in conjunction with CPS. (An interesting but tangential issue is how a parent could use a recording that suggests abuse by another individual).