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  • LEGO experiments at SparkFun

    A member of the SparkFun team is experimenting with robotics and LEGO bricks beyond the confines of the Mindstorm branded products. It will bear fruit to pay attention to their explorations. https://www.sparkfun.com/news/2973?utm_content=97808166

  • speculative product design hammer as a service

    speculative product design, Hammer as a Service https://www.instagram.com/p/BoPFoxZnusz/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=1utb4oq11utu7

  • #2yrsago A modern rebuild of the Radio Shack 150-in-One electronics kit

    mostlysignssomeportents: While looking into the Kano snap-together learning computer kit (Kickstarted in 2013, reviewed here last January) I got to thinking about Radio Shack’s classic, much-loved 150-in-One Electronics Kit, which occupied literal years of my time when I was a boy. That took me on a journey to Gareth Branwyn’s 2010 Make piece about scratch-building…

  • Watson Maker Kits

    Watson Maker Kits a kind and friendly face for AI experimentation

  • Strange Toys – remotedevice.net

    Strange Toys – remotedevice.net Jeff Watson has written a poetic critical meditation on our current moment in time and the work of those of us who make toys and other entertainments. Worth your time.

  • This incredible soft robot needs no batteries or computer chips

    This incredible soft robot needs no batteries or computer chips another step in the evolutionary path of soft robots

  • If Mattel has such a right or obligation, should recordings be prescreened before they are uploaded to servers for Mom and Dad to hear? In some cases, “That sounds like something you should talk to a grown-up about” may be appropriate, but what if the child already is talking to a grown-up – the one…

  • (via Codex Silenda: The Book of Puzzles by Brady Whitney — Kickstarter) This project tickles all of my pleasure spots. A book, that is a puzzle, that can be had as either a ready-to-assemble kit or as ready-to-laser-etch files (all the finished ones are spoken-for), that is under a Creative Commons license as well as…

  • (via Joaquín Torres-Garcia: The Arcadian Modern | PRESS REMARKS – YouTube) timings are approximate:00:08:00 time is not linear00:09:45 small, precarious, constructivist (constructed?) structures in wood… intentionally precarious…00:11:05 small wood constructures are a laboratory for formal invention and structural composition00:11:52 he comes to New York and there is this Ludic Laboratory of toys, and the importance…

  • Raffi Khatchadourian, The Doomsday Invention – The New Yorker

    Raffi Khatchadourian, The Doomsday Invention – The New Yorker stoweboyd: via Stowe Boyd “Superintelligence” is not intended as a treatise of deep originality; Bostrom’s contribution is to impose the rigors of analytic philosophy on a messy corpus of ideas that emerged at the margins of academic thought. Perhaps because the field of A.I. has recently…