Get with the times, HasBros. Why are your toys gendered at all any more? Are they sex toys you need certain genitalia to use? And why are the shitty, sexed up, bullshit toys labeled for girls, while the cool Star Wars ones are labeled for boys? You’re literally setting artificial boundaries for the play time of children. Not cool.

For the record, Disney itself has done a better job at putting Rey out there. I was able to easily find a men’s shirt with Rey front and center on Disney’s online store, and they’ve consistently put Rey and Phasma toys out there — even if others, looking at you Target, have entire toy aisles devoid of female characters. The photo above? I couldn’t find one female character. Not One. (Seriously, knowing what we know now about Rey, take a closer look at the toy aisles and ask yourself if you could imagine Luke or Han toys being underrepresented or missing altogether in the ’80s. And don’t give me the “Oh, they were just waiting for the movie so as not to spoil it” line of defense. No, we’ve seen this over and over again. It’s no mistake. Girls get the shaft in the toy department, because toy company executives — and here they should be called out by name as the assholes they are — somehow can’t fathom that boys and girls can have the same interests and imaginations. Over and over again, girls are sold sex appeal. Boys are sold adventure and hero worship.)