Rafael Fajardo
Director, SWEAT collaborative
Associate Professor,
Emergent Digital Practices
University of Denver


Teaching: Graduate eMAD Seminar

ARTD 4700 Graduate Seminar Topics: Seminars meet weekly for focused discussions on a topic, such as critical theories of visual culture, digital video, interactivity, the world wide web, electronic typography, and the body and technology. They require theoretical readings, and investigation through research and practice, resulting in a seminar project. 5 qtr hrs. Topics vary and the course may be repeated up to five times. Four seminars (20 hours) are required for the MFA.

2005 Winter Graduate Seminar Topic: "Socially Conscious Video Games" ARTD 4700

2005 Winter Graduate Seminar on Socially Conscious Video Games

Student outcomes were in the form of contributions to the mediagraphy:
Tarango comments and additions
Monico comments and additions
Kiesel comments and additions
Jenkins comments and additions