Rafael Fajardo
Director, SWEAT collaborative
Associate Professor,
Emergent Digital Practices
University of Denver


Projects: La Migra

With La Migra I wanted to broaden the critique presented in Crosser. This was a solo effort and it took a year to create all of the visual art and to encode. After it was completed in Cocoa, I re-encoded it from the ground up in Stagecast Creator, the cross-platform successor to Cocoa, which took another nine months.

La Migra
videogame created in Apple abandonware entitled Cocoa,
ported to Stagecast Creator in 2002,
requires Stagecast Player and Java be installed prior to play
playable in a web browser on machines running windows, mac os, and unix
545 pixels x 630 pixels x 8-bit color silent
click on the “Go To Work” button to start the game
use the left and right arrow-keys to patrol the border
use the up arrow-key to fling handcuffs at the alien invaders
catch as many as you can to be named agent of the month
Project Director: Rafael Fajardo
Contributions by: Francisco Ortega-Grimaldo, Ryan Benjamin Molloy, Tomas Marquez-Carmona (I repurposed and reinterpreted the drawings they originally created for Crosser).

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Design Along the Edge Lecture invited to give to AIGA Colorado, Denver, CO, 2002

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Making La Migra 18 pages, 125 images