Tim Brown at IIT Design Research Conference 2010 (by IIT Institute of Design)

Solving some of society’s biggest challenges today will require large scale behavior change. Tim talks about putting design thinking into the hands of everyone to inspire change and tackle the world’s biggest problems.

BIO: Tim Brown is on a mission to get human-centered design accepted at every level of business. “The myth of innovation is that brilliant ideas leap fully formed from the minds of geniuses. The reality is that most innovations come from a process of rigorous examination”. As CEO and President of IDEO, Tim Brown carries forward the pioneering firm’s mission of fusing design, business and research to help companies to create exceptional innovations. He has won numerous design awards for his own work and has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Axis Gallery in Tokyo, and the Design Museum in London. He is an acclaimed speaker and prolific writer, both for the Harvard Business Review and on his blog. His new book, Change By Design, tells how design thinking can transform organizations into places that truly understand people’s needs.