Winter weather advisory

It looks like it may become sunny today but it was bitter cold over night with continued light snowfall.

I had a quick meeting with Eric G about Space Invaders. We will begin to share ideas on the conceptual side via email. He will share with me some images and I will ponder on how they will influence the code.

He will be in town to give a talk in February. We will meet in person then.

I want to flash a version of pi-top OS Bullseye and see if it works on my device. To do this I need another machine. It would make more sense to me if there were an SD card reader/write hub that could be plugged into the Raspberry Pi and make the files there.

I used Balena Etcher to flash a 16GB class 10 micro-SD card with pi-top OS Bullseye. I have now placed the card into my pi-top. The machine is booting up. The splash screen was visible for a while. I see a mouse cursor now and it is responsive to mouse movement. Now the initialization wizard has launched. This looks like it will work.

The OS was released ten days ago and already requires (automatic) updates. It’s downloading 3 files. Scratch that, it’s downloading many more. Eighteen at current count. Now it threw an error in updating these files. I can skip or retry. I opted to retry. This time it says it requires many more files/packages. It seems to be proceeding. Fingers are crossed.

Okay, it’s downloaded 53 files. It has started unpacking (dpkg) the files. This might take a while. The screen will go to sleep. I hope the device doesn’t sleep when the screen does.

I went to my meeting with Scott H about an possible collaboration at the university. There is a time sensitivity around the proposal. There seems to be low effort needed to get the ball rolling. I need to write some emails to see who wants to play.

I shoveled the back patio. I did the front this morning at 7:30-ish am.

I made myself some lunch and ate it. It’s noon.

The Pygame Mastodon account reached out to me earlier today in response to my toots.

The pi-top bullseye has finished its updates and I want to see how it did. The latinx in game festival will start in 30 minutes. My research meeting on creative computation is in 50 minutes.

pi-top bullseye initalization wizard needs a reboot to complete its processes. It may take several minutes. They asked for and I provided my email address with a step that I could have skipped.

Scott H is already reaching out to folks via email.

The LatinX in Games Festival is using SwapCard as its platform. Today is the career festival.

The pi-top has finished booting up.

I have written a few email messages. I have logged in to computational art meeting. I tried to listen to the first bit of LatinX in games, but it was muted on my browser.

Okay. Met. Did email outreach. Gonna try the magic link again.

The Latinx in Games festival is experiencing some technical issues that they hope to shake down by tomorrow. Today was meant to be a career fair, so the content day will be key.

I need to think about dinner. It’s 4:20pm. I’m going to call it a day.