Tweaked my back

either in my sleep or while making the bed.

I have to add daily exercise to my routine.

I’m in a hurry to get to my coffee and to the studio, I need to exercise so that I can make work longer into the future.

The version of p5.js used by Kris DB in their tutorial may have been deprecated because I am getting variable scope errors. Their Space Invaders clone is still attractive for its concision. Coding Train’s version will be my next option.

I just found out that the p5play library has been handed off and revised. It is now “owned” by Computer Science teachers. The website says it is now version 3.2.4. This development validates my hosting of the old version for Crosser and La Migra rewrite. It is nevertheless distressing.

As I’m retyping the ~18 month old version of Space Invaders it is crashing my browsers (both Firefox and Chrome) and not loading the tiny png files. I haven’t tried running Dan S’s six year old code to compare. That is likely next step.

Dan S’s code runs the first time in Safari, flawlessly. One contrast between the two is that Dan S uses functions while Kris uses OOP syntax and constructors. Javascript is skittish about OOP and so this may be the key failing that has been deprecated. I need to check a p5.js version history to see if that is what happened. Kris seems to have disappeared from the internet and so I hope nothing bad has befallen them. I appreciate their teaching style.

I’ve copied Kris’s code into the p5.js editor, in its entirety. I’ve download it, Dan S’s, and that of two others for further study.

It may be possible to build on the shoulders of Dan S’s code. The newer two include reset buttons.

I wonder if Eric wants a version with an Atari controller. I haven’t looked into USB Atari controllers.

The Hyperkin “Trooper II” is at a super low markdown at our local Microcenter. Only available in-store, though, so it’s a loss leader. It’s available at the monopoly online store at 6x the price.

The Hyperkin is wired and has six buttons and a joystick. It has a 10′ cable.