Trying to refine some code in Scratch

Activities: reached out to Adán to see how he’s doing.

Scott L. reached out to me to see how the month at Anderson Ranch went. We made a date for lunch later today.

His question prompted me to look at Z-ordering in both Scratch and in Snap! for my Seeds of Solitude remake. I can’t seem to get the clones to always offset by enough so that they don’t superimpose one another. Scott had done some sketches for a Seeds remake for iOS several years ago, too. I hoped to pick his brain a bit on this.

We went out for tacos at Garibaldi’s. He’d never been. It was great, and we got a walk in, too.

We caught up on a number of strands of common threads.

I did ask him if there was a function that could give me either a -1 or a 1 as an output. His solution was to randomize between 1 and 0 and if 0 call it -1 in the next line. It’s not super elegant, but it is not super clumsy either, and maintains legibility. This will (or should) reduce the number of superimposed clones. It won’t eliminate them.

I forgot to ask him about Z-ordering.

I need to have tacos with Chris GD.

Scott will loop me into a friday research meeting he, Chris GD, and Jeff E. have been having. I think they’ve been (over)respectful of my research headspace.