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  • via: ReadWriteWeb: IBM Helps Tennis Fans “See Through Walls” with Augmented Reality

  • dreamingofpixels: Listening Post is an art installation that culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other public forums. The texts are read (or sung) by a voice synthesizer, and simultaneously displayed across a suspended grid of more than two hundred small electronic screens.

  • Found on IO9.com: Non-sensical infographics by Chad Hagen | Art + Design

  • Packet Flight: The First four seconds of a RickRoll visualized @ 12X time amplification  (by Carlos Bueno) (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

  • datavis: Which remote research tool should I use?

  • Alternative presents and speculative futures


  • Bckground Three firms control 89% of US soft drink sales [1]. This dominance is obscured from us by the appearance of numerous choices on retailer shelves. Steve Hannaford refers to this as “pseudovariety,” or the illusion of diversity, concealing a lack of real choice [2]. To visualize the extent of pseudovariety in this industry we…

  • Designing The “World Of Programming” Infographic – Smashing Magazine

  • theyrule