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  • thecreatorsproject: What Sci-Fi Gets Wrong, Design Fiction Could Get Righthttp://ift.tt/1RRIieF

  • jtotheizzoe: Mathematical Films of Manfred Mohr Just stumbled across this collection of digital math and geometry films created by pioneering digital artist Manfred Mohr in the early 1970’s. This stuff puts most modern GIF artists to shame, and he made them in Fortran IV on a CDC 6400, which is considerably less powerful than Photoshop.…

  • Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

    All chapters of Scott Murray’s new #d3js book Interactive Visualization for the web now online for free previews, including Geomapping and Exporting http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9781449339739/

  • slavin: I’m pretty sure this was not intended to be satirical. (Taken with instagram)

  • good: So, our emails don’t just fly through the air? sunfoundation: Interactive map of the internet’s underwater paths Ever wondered how your email can cross the vastness of the ocean and be delivered almost instantly, anywhere in the world? It’s all down to a network of fibre-optic cables that link up the continents and transmit…

  • A visitor to the Rotten Tomatoes site can check out the data for individual Hollywood careers—that’s how Tabarrok came up with the Shyamalan graph—but there’s no easy way for users to measure industrywide trends or to compare different actors and directors side-by-side. To that end, Rotten Tomatoes kindly let Slate analyze the scores in its…

  • Can We Date? by Erik Bryan – The Morning News

  • 52 Weeks of UX: Chart Junk isn’t as bad as you think

    52 Weeks of UX: Chart Junk isn’t as bad as you think This week’s esteemed guest author is Brian Suda, a master informatician residing in Reykjavik, Iceland whose wonderful new book is A Practical Guide to Designing with Data. Every day we are bombarded with poorly designed graphics ranging from TV news reports to magazine…

  • http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny (by Tomas Nilsson) (Source: http://vimeo.com/)

  • bookofjoe: 2010 Social Network World Map

    bookofjoe: 2010 Social Network World Map