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  • reblog: Austin Kleon on James Brown

    austinkleon: Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown A documentary that focuses mostly on the music and its social context, and almost not at all on Brown’s personal life, or sad later years (the title is “the rise” not “the rise and fall”), and therefore functions as a great introduction to what made Brown so…

  • Margaret Atwood on Sex Criminals comic

    zdarsky: hopelnicholson: “Ah, you brought me a naughty book” “Well, it’s about two people that stop time when they have sex” “So, do they have sex in a bank’s washroom then rob it then run back to the washroom and pretend they were innocent?” “Pretty much.” “That’s fun.” -Margaret Atwood (paraphrased) on my gift of…

  • a new Dr Manhattan sketch

  • macloo/pythongame

    macloo/pythongame babydatajournalism: pythongame – A simple text-only game written in Python Zed’s exercise 43 in Learn Python the Hard Way really kicked my butt. I wish I had kept track of how many hours I spent on this. I know it was more than 20. But it was worth it. My game is not only…

  • oh! hey! it’s suddenly all better now 🙂 Thank you mysterious internet sprites for fixing my Tumblr dash 🙂

  • My version of Firefox seems to have lost access to the CSS for my Tumblr dashboard. It all looks very strange, and has for three days now.

  • thinking about intersections

  • Critical Toy work in progress

  • SWEAT 3.0 work in progress

  • SWEAT 3.0 work in progress