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  • Margaret Atwood on Sex Criminals comic

    zdarsky: hopelnicholson: “Ah, you brought me a naughty book” “Well, it’s about two people that stop time when they have sex” “So, do they have sex in a bank’s washroom then rob it then run back to the washroom and pretend they were innocent?” “Pretty much.” “That’s fun.” -Margaret Atwood (paraphrased) on my gift of…

  • a new Dr Manhattan sketch

  • macloo/pythongame

    macloo/pythongame babydatajournalism: pythongame – A simple text-only game written in Python Zed’s exercise 43 in Learn Python the Hard Way really kicked my butt. I wish I had kept track of how many hours I spent on this. I know it was more than 20. But it was worth it. My game is not only…

  • oh! hey! it’s suddenly all better now 🙂 Thank you mysterious internet sprites for fixing my Tumblr dash 🙂

  • My version of Firefox seems to have lost access to the CSS for my Tumblr dashboard. It all looks very strange, and has for three days now.

  • thinking about intersections

  • Critical Toy work in progress

  • SWEAT 3.0 work in progress

  • SWEAT 3.0 work in progress

  • SWEAT 3.0 work in progress