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  • le selfie pa’ @favyfav (at Museo De Las Americas)

  • my partner wonders how this would work out in Costa Rica and other Latin Am countries

  • my students found Kristen Hatgi Sink’s work, Honey, compelling and, even, divisive (at MCA Denver)

  • in reference to Lisa Oppenheim’s exhibit I mentioned how all work marks the body and that I would likely end up with the posture of a question mark (at MCA Denver)

  • wondering if the rubber tubes in Patrice Renee Washington’s piece is literal or is standing in place of something else (at MCA Denver)

  • Public art anti terror device outside our apartment yesterday

  • Dizzy Spell

    Dizzy Spell doors open and 12 folks were already here. 717 Lipan. Thank you to Buntport for their support! (at Buntport Theater)

  • protoslacker: bodhishadow: “I really believe that applying poetry, or language in general, to trauma is the ultimate act of reclaiming. Naming something gives you a sort of ownership over it (hey, colonialism did it all the time, haha), so choosing words that identify your experience makes it less of this looming unknown that has you…

  • #1yrago Colombian biologist won’t go to jail for 8 years for sharing a scientific paper (probably)

    mostlysignssomeportents: Timothy writes, “Diego Gómez is a Colombian conservation biologist. When he was a college student, he shared a single research paper online so that others could read and learn from it, just as he did. Diego was criminally prosecuted for copyright infringement, and faced up to 8 years in prison.” “Today a court in…