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  • To Read: Future of Design Education website

    Donald Norman called for contributors on the PhD in design website at the end of 2020 who would participate in a very large (re)evaluation of design pedagogy world wide. Thanks in no small part to Norman’s influence as an attractor, two hundred people offered their service. Norman et al have now launched a website and […]

  • To Read:: Designing Design Education: White Book on the Future of Design Education

    This book is published in 2021 and is the result of a significant amount of work on the continent of Europe. There is another, similar effort to trouble and tease out the future(s) of design education that is being organized by Donald Norman and which is already drawing criticisms for the US-centricity of its foundational […]

  • To Read: Designing Constructionist Future – MIT Press

    Seymour Papert studied with – and critiqued and extended – Piaget as part of Papert’s research into early models for Machine Learning. Papert defined constructionism such that we learn through/by constructing artifacts that are meaningful to us and through/by sharing them with audiences who are meaningful to us. I have seen a relationship between constructionism […]

  • artandsciencejournal: Colour Theory: A Brief History These diagrams are 19th and 20th century attempts to systematize colours and describe how the human eye perceives them. In the late 18th century, scholars began to develop colour theory according to the understanding that three primary colours – red, yellow, and blue – could be combined to create […]

  • Notes for a theory of contemporary education

    notational: Very loose ideas floating around my head these days. Even if they are loopy or ridiculous, the seeds of something useful might be in here.Not sure about the mechanistic aspects. 1. We live in a day and age (and in many cases place) in which information is not a scarce resource. Due to the […]