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  • Moreover, publishers are eager to grab some of the ad dollars shifting to digital marketing. Advertisers are increasingly spending more of their advertising budget on digital initiatives at the expense of print. Magazine Publishers Reach Deals With Amazon’s Kindle Fire – WSJ.com (via mediafuturist)

  • With Mr. Lopez on board, talks became serious very quickly. TBS emphasized how young its audience was, a match with Mr. O’Brien’s core viewers. “The lead-ins would be shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Office,’ which is great for Conan,” Mr. Polone said. Mr. Lopez has the youngest audience in late night with a median […]

  • Anti-Consumerism that Sells: D.I.Y. Marketing Campaigns and the Charm of Cheap | Pivot

    Anti-Consumerism that Sells: D.I.Y. Marketing Campaigns and the Charm of Cheap | Pivot Pivot is a marketing conference for Brand Marketers who seek to understand the style, attitudes, technologies and preferences of the 18-34 year old consumer as they make brand choices every day For the penny-pinching twentysomething the cost of chic is best kept […]

  • In any case, Apple’s choice of who to give loaner iPads seems not to be influenced by what we’ve written in the past. It’s a pitch, to audiences it hasn’t yet won. It loaned early units to newspapers and mags not to entice their publishers into the App Store fold–they need no further convincing at […]

  • frontline: the persuaders | PBS

    frontline: the persuaders | PBS The Persuaders What’s going on in the world of today’s marketers and advertisers? What are the new and surprising methods they’re using to decipher who we are and what we want? And, where is this taking us?

  • Post Advertising – ADVERTISING IS DEAD

    Post Advertising – ADVERTISING IS DEAD What’s this all about? We at Story Worldwide believe the Interruption Age—the time for traditional ads—is over. ThePost-Advertising Age is what’s now and next: Great content driving deep consumer engagement; less and less money wasted on expensive traditional media (like TV) as free media take over. It’s inevitable, it’s a good thing, and […]