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  • Very cool, and amazingly detailed for 8mins, overview of how we’ve arrived at our present online state. Plus the impressive motion graphics to display it all – can’t help but consider/enjoy the semiotics of all the different symbols/icons used to convey the structure and development of our online world. (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

  • good: So, our emails don’t just fly through the air? sunfoundation: Interactive map of the internet’s underwater paths Ever wondered how your email can cross the vastness of the ocean and be delivered almost instantly, anywhere in the world? It’s all down to a network of fibre-optic cables that link up the continents and transmit […]

  • The Affect of Animated GIFs (Tom Moody, Petra Cortright, Lorna Mills) – Art and Education Since the early 1990s, artists have chosen the internet as a medium, an environment and a forum. While some internet artists also maintain a gallery practice, the conditions and conventions that inform meaning in online art remain in many ways […]