Tag: generativeart

  • code drawing 2018 01 17 a, playable in a browser https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/z81inpmgq# #generativeart #creativecode

  • code drawing 2018 01 16 a, need to scale the larger figure down a bit. #parametric #generativeart #creativecode

  • code drawing 2018 01 14 a, added a lemaçon to the lemniscate as post migraine self-care. #generativeart #creativecode

  • code drawing 2018 01 08 d, I added a disturbance in the path followed by one set of objects (“turtles”) presented here in reverse order #generativeart #codedrawing made with Hopscotch

  • 24 second video from yesterday’s drawing. If I make a video then that particular outcome came only exist as such. The colors and the line thicknesses vary each time. Made with @gethopscotch #generativeart #codedrawing (at RiNo, River North Art District)

  • 20 second video of yesterday’s code drawing doing its thing. Karin didn’t know to tap to launch a new cycle. Programmer error, no user interface 😅

  • code drawing 2018 01 06 a – #generativeart for our 28th wedding anniversary playable at https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/z75k3d5on#

  • code drawing 2018 01 05 made with @gethopscotch #generativeart

  • Cellular Forms Cellular Forms uses a simplified model of cellular growth to create intricate sculptural shape. Structures are created out of interconnected cells, with rules for the forces between cells, as well as rules for how cells accumulate internal nutrients. When the nutrient level in a cell exceeds a given threshold the cell splits into…