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  • new-aesthetic: “There’s an interesting back-and-forth going on at Thingiverse, a site founded by Makerbot to share 3D projects. Two designers have made two parts for the AR-15 rifle platform. The first part is a standard rifle magazine complete with spring but the second part is AR-15 lower receiver.” Is Printing A Gun The Same As […]

  • In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits | Magazine

  • The Fab@Home Project is an open-source mass-collaboration developing personal fabrication technology aimed at bringing personal fabrication to your home. Members include those who use their abilities to develop novel hardware, software and uses for digital fabricators and those who simply use it to make unique items. The Community includes hundreds of engineers, inventors, artists, students, […]

  • loscabrones: Pepakura Designer allows you to create paper craft models from 3D data. Pepakura Designer is developed in Japan and has been translated to English. This software is open to the public as shareware so you can download and try it freely although some advanced features are limited until you purchase a license key. Pepakura […]