Another is the clothes hanger, which dates back to 1903 when Albert J. Parkhouse arrived for work at a lampshade frame factory in Jackson, Michigan, only to find that all of the coat hooks were taken. He made something to hang his coat on by bending a piece of wire into an elongated triangle and […]

“The exhibition Robot Dreams is our second co-production with the Jean Tinguely Museum in Basel. Like the first, the successful Moving Parts exhibition in 2004, which featured contemporary kinetic art, it breaks new ground—this time in the field of artificial intelligence. It explores the political, social and artistic implications of new intellectual ideas associated with […]

Obsession for perfection – The Denver Post

Obsession for perfection – The Denver Post Cultural Event Opportunity “Her deliberate mimicking of the repetition and slick, manufactured feel of today’s female idealizations become a savvy, pointed critique of it.” “The show at Hinterland, 3254 Walnut St., opens with a public reception from 6 to 9 p.m. today and runs through April 23 by […]