claytoncubitt: While backing up my data last week I posted the quick snapshot above, which led to a lot of interest in what gear I use for backups, so I decided to share that info for those it might be helpful for. For day-to-day storage I use a Drobo 5D 5-bay Storage Array, Thunderbolt/USB 3.0, in […]

bylinebeat: Goodbye, anonymity: Latest surveillance tech can search up to 36 million faces per second Welcome to the next generation in surveillance technology. A Japanese company, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, has unveiled a novel surveillance camera that is able to capture a face and search up to 36 million faces in one second for a similar […]

Google+ solves Google’s big problems, at least in theory. It delivers a social network—arguably better constructed Facebook—that lets it understand the connections between people. It also lets Google tap into a stream of real-time data, and build a search system around that without having to worry that it will ever be left at the altar. […]