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  • Design fiction’s efforts to create imaginative realisations of technology, which consciously try to evoke discussion that avoids polarising opinion, have a key ingredient, I think. Unlike the new worlds of sci-fi novels, or the ultra-detailed visuals of futuristic cinema, their stories are unfinished. Minority Report is not about critical design because its narrative is closed. […]

  • The ties between scientific speculation, technological imagination and sci-fi are close, and complex, even if genuinely new ideas most often come up in the tech arena first. Arthur C Clarke is often cited as a techno-visionary for his ideas about geostationary communication satellites, but these were first outlined in 1945 in a technical essay, not […]

  • Out of the Greasy Gutter: The Détournement

    Out of the Greasy Gutter: The Détournement sum1: The détournement came to prominence during the time of the Situationists and has enjoyed a recent revival through the culture jamming movement: … The détournement is a key weapon in the meme war promoted by the culture jammers of today. It’s part mimicry, part parody, part hijacking […]

  • sum1: Arizona Backpack

  • I’ve always responded to other work with my work— that’s where I fit more into the artist category,” Mr. Wong told Azure, a design magazine, in 2003. “I find it really difficult if I’m asked to, say, design a chair. If a manufacturer approached me with that sort of request, I’d be in big trouble. […]