Generating lots of ideas works well for improvements, but it doesn’t help to spot new directions. If companies don’t change the lens through which they assess ideas, they won’t be able to identify the outsiders they should seek, know what questions to ask them, and recognize their most valuable input. As a result, they will […]

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Design For the First World » About Dx1W began as a sar­cas­tic com­ment. The idea came to me in a class in which I was asked to cre­ate an object on “social design”. The assign­ment was one week long and there was no spe­cific con­text. Why would you assume that you can design some­thing to […]

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murraythenut: Behold, a bonus – Tumblr only – alternate version of today’s comic.  Don’t say I never did anything for you.  Except for you, Thomas.  I really never did anything for you.

Being the bad guys As Molleindustria’s McDonalds’ video game, Oiligarchy places the player in the shoes of the “bad guys” in order to articulate the critique. Our belief is that power structures can be understood more clearly if represented from a privileged position. The player tends to perform actions with both positive outcomes (profits, advancement […]

*Good design fiction has an audience like fiction does, but it’s hampered if it overindulges in storytelling elements. And if it plays to a general audience, it’s gonna waste too much time in exposition. *If you think of a thriving social enterprise that lies a lot about designed products, it’s advertising. It’s probably no accident […]

Obsession for perfection – The Denver Post

Obsession for perfection – The Denver Post Cultural Event Opportunity “Her deliberate mimicking of the repetition and slick, manufactured feel of today’s female idealizations become a savvy, pointed critique of it.” “The show at Hinterland, 3254 Walnut St., opens with a public reception from 6 to 9 p.m. today and runs through April 23 by […]

Stereotypical hipster brand American Apparel has always walked the fine line between sexiness and porn with its ads (like the one pictured). Or gone over the line, depending on your perspective. But now the anonymous prankster that earlier posted a fake finger-in-the-butt AA billboard has struck again, helping the company along its inevitable path to […]

The most unintentionally funny magazine in the world is Adbusters. The world’s got to be pretty good if the only thing you have left to bemoan is Ronald McDonald. The letters to the editor are a scream – the bitterest people alive complaining about the pettiest problems imaginable. But behind all that inadvertant mirth, Adbusters […]

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Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters | Journal of the mental environment Adbusters has long been a voice of critical opposition in our media saturated world. They are based in Vancouver, and have an international following through their magazine and their events.