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  • ¿El Museo de Arte del Tolima cerrará sus puertas? | El Nuevo Día

    La gente quiere el Museo, pero la empresa privada tampoco apoya con recursos, patrocinio de salas, o como amigo del Museo. Aunque artistas, galeristas, curadores y visitantes se impresionan gratamente por sus instalaciones, después de dieciséis años de trabajo, el Museo aún no tiene un presupuesto fijo, como sí lo tiene el Panóptico. Source: ¿El […]

  • Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Keep Having Sex and No One Is Sure How to Stop Them

    Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Keep Having Sex and No One Is Sure How to Stop Them Magical realism is evenly distributed throughout all of Colombia, and not restricted to the northern coastal region where Gabriel Garcia Marquez based his fiction. Umberto Eco’s concept of Hyperreality cannot encapsulate the existence and persistence of Escobar’s hippos. 

  • Film Review: ‘Embrace of the Serpent’

    Film Review: ‘Embrace of the Serpent’ The ravages of colonialism cast a dark pall over the stunning South American landscape in “Embrace of the Serpent,” the latest visual astonishment from the gifted Colombian writer-director Ciro Guerra. Charting two parallel journeys deep into the Amazon, each one undertaken by a European explorer and a local shaman, […]

  • nprfreshair: Folks. Important religious artifacts here. Beautiful Decay: After unknowingly purchasing fake pre-Colombian artifacts, artist Nadín Ospina gave serious thought to Latin-American culture and its ancient roots.  His sculptures depicts pop-culture cartoon characters such as Snoopy, Micky Mouse, and Bart Simpson in an often pre-Colombian style. We were in a show together in Denver’s Museo […]

  • At least 36 engineers and technicians have been kidnapped in the past four years, according to a report from Mexican news site Animal Politico, with an English translation published by organized-crime monitoring group InSight. Worse, none of the engineers have been held for ransom — they’ve just disappeared. Among them include at least one IBM […]