jessicaeaton: •••   Sometimes when I spend too much time in my studio things get a bit far gone. But if any of you following me happen to be in 1986 and are badly in need of art for a techno album…. I got cha covered.

jessicaeaton: cfaal 78, 2010 News onslaught! Some of it not that new anymore! I am also very pleased to have recently won the Bright Spark Award for the Magenta Foundations Flash Forward 2011 Emerging Photographers from the UK, USA and Canada! A giant thanks to this years jury, and of course, Maryann and the Magenta […]

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Great proportions melt away impurities in a design. So if you have buttons and there’s too much space between them, the space between them is another element that you have to comprehend. So if you have two buttons, you now have three objects. You’ve got the button, the button, the space. But if things are […]

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Martín Espada | Poetry reading and discussion

Cultural Event Opportunity The University of Denver (DU) Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship (DULCCES) proudly presents Martín Espada Thursday, April 8, 2010 7:00 pm – Reading & Discussion, Reception to follow. Craig Hall Community Room,University of Denver 2148 South High Street, Denver, Colorado FREE & Open to the Public Called “the Pablo Neruda […]

The most unintentionally funny magazine in the world is Adbusters. The world’s got to be pretty good if the only thing you have left to bemoan is Ronald McDonald. The letters to the editor are a scream – the bitterest people alive complaining about the pettiest problems imaginable. But behind all that inadvertant mirth, Adbusters […]