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  • Problems Posers and Possibilities (v5d ~2020)

    Problems Posers and Possibilities (v5d ~2020)

    this is a prototype for an artist’s book edition of Problems Posers and Possibilities: meditations towards a unified field of (game) design. the prototype was printed with pigment inks onto 18″ wide bond paper, trimmed, folded, and gathered into a single 8.5 x 11 inch signature 48 pages in length. the thoughts in the essay […]

  • (via Codex Silenda: The Book of Puzzles by Brady Whitney — Kickstarter) This project tickles all of my pleasure spots. A book, that is a puzzle, that can be had as either a ready-to-assemble kit or as ready-to-laser-etch files (all the finished ones are spoken-for), that is under a Creative Commons license as well as […]

  • (via Joaquín Torres-Garcia: The Arcadian Modern | PRESS REMARKS – YouTube) timings are approximate:00:08:00 time is not linear00:09:45 small, precarious, constructivist (constructed?) structures in wood… intentionally precarious…00:11:05 small wood constructures are a laboratory for formal invention and structural composition00:11:52 he comes to New York and there is this Ludic Laboratory of toys, and the importance […]