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  • Sculpting possibility space | Affording Play

    Sculpting possibility space | Affording Play programming, writing code, as sculpture, reducing an infinite possibility space into a beatiful form/counterform.

  • But he was wrong. Before these tools became widespread, photographers were indeed very much like painters, in both form and function. The camera itself evolved from the camera obscura, literally a “darkened room,” in which one or two people would stand, and record the scene before them, tracing it on wallpaper. Later film-based large format cameras required […]

  • jtotheizzoe: Mathematical Films of Manfred Mohr Just stumbled across this collection of digital math and geometry films created by pioneering digital artist Manfred Mohr in the early 1970’s. This stuff puts most modern GIF artists to shame, and he made them in Fortran IV on a CDC 6400, which is considerably less powerful than Photoshop. […]

  • Want to make people run? Don’t give them a badge for running. Give them a ball and shove four sticks in the ground. They’ll run around the field chasing the ball (and each other) for ages. The experience is intrinsically challenging and amusing, and the running is a by-product. Games rely on dynamics like these […]

  • The word “art” is something the West has never understood. Art is supposed to be a part of a community. Like, scholars are supposed to be a part of a community… Art is to decorate people’s houses, their skin, their clothes, to make them expand their minds, and it’s supposed to be right in the […]

  • The science of taste and of cultural consumption begins with a transgression that is in no way aesthetic: it has to abolish the sacred frontier which makes legitimate culture a separate universe, in order to discover the intelligible relations which unite apparently incommensurable ‘choices’, such as preferences in music and food, painting and sport, literature […]

  • prostheticknowledge: How Augmented Reality Is Going Viral in the Art World, From the Omi Sculpture Park to a 9/11 Memorial by ArtInfo Above: “Unraveled” created by the architect Daniel Libeskind The aesthetic potential of such applications is obvious, and as a medium for art, AR has been gaining in mainstream appeal as ever more art-lovers […]

  • FORM+CODE In Design, Art, and Architecture by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and LUST

    FORM+CODE In Design, Art, and Architecture by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and LUST A book collecting everyone who is anyone in Computational Aesthetics.

  • When you look at the Braun products by Dieter Rams—many of them at New York’s MoMA—and compare them to Ive’s work at Apple, you can clearly see the similarities in their philosophies way beyond the sparse use of color, the selection of materials and how the products are shaped around the function with no artificial […]