1. Play Return to Monkey Island for a couple of hours to get deeper into fetch quests.
  2. The storyteller sub-quest (side quest?) prompts broader map navigation, more so than skill acquisition. It is necessary for earning access to an artifact that may/will become necessary later to retrieve an additional artifact. Map navigation revealed clues to the location of yet more linchpin artifacts.
  3. Began reading My Cocaine Museum by Michael Taussig. It is a work of late 20th century anthropological writing.
  4. The front-matter “usage guide” blows my mind. Reminds me that LACMA was unwilling or unable to speak truthfully about the psycho-active effects of combining mineral lime with coca. It also made me realize that seashell gathering has to be added to Nemo’s Helper. Bone gathering might also be included. The Arawak and the Kogi seem to stand in place for all of the indigenous cultures that have been eliminated since 1492 in what we now call Colombia.
  5. Read for two hours.
  6. Made lunch and ran some errands.
  7. Brain needs to process. Thinking a lot about Rex K while reading.
  8. What would our Phantom Gringo Boat essay look like as an artist book?
  9. Saw a tweet encouraging game designers to partake of a diverse media diet. All too many restrict themselves to consuming only games, it seems. That is not my pattern.
  10. Saw another tweet claiming that the amount of land currently dedicated to coca production in Colombia surpasses by far the amount during the time of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel.
  11. This is a synchronicity that I need to process.
  12. I’m going to typeset and watch a movie… let my brain do its thing in the background.