Studying fetch quests and organizing work

Yesterday I played some more Return to Monkey Island to warm myself back up to game-making.

I played some more this morning before sitting down to finish my ballot.

I ran into a logic error on my part again. An item that I needed to collect was plainly visible, and I had interacted with it several times. Each time I had hoped that the UI would clue me into how to collect it. Once again it was an item upon which I was supposed to use the knife to take a portion of — not collect/take the whole thing. I had to resort to the hint book in my inventory to figure out the knife bit. The language in the hint book, several layers of clues down, was more plain-spoken about taking a portion instead of the whole.

I don’t know if I’m the dummy, or if the designers and their play-testers were enculturated to see this as a more obvious task than I found it to be.

I worked on finalizing the description for my workshop at ARAC in June of 2023.

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