Recalibrating home studio

I’m going to be recalibrating some of my practices now that I’m back in my home studio.

I was at a standing desk after I had tweaked my back. I have a sitting desk here. I want to re-think that.

Printing onto Kozo (mulberry) paper with pigment-based inkjet ink feels like a winner and I have to go to Meiningers to see if they stock.

Printing onto Canson Vidalon seems risky and exciting. I should make my smaller printer work again and try this paper on that one.

Watching Ricky hand burnish woodblock prints onto mulberry paper with a bone folder gave me ideas for printing without a press in my own studio. I have to get brave enough to try this. He was using water-based ink. He rolled out ink on a glass slab. He listened for the pop-corn sound. He rolled out the ink with a brayer. He made use of a drying rack which I don’t have. One can also use clothes lines for drying. I didn’t notice if there was a smell.

Tatiana nudged me to 3D print that little tabletop press. She said it can be used for linoleum block printing.

The panorama of 3 monitors was super helpful.

The discipline of keeping a diary of what I did with my day was also super helpful. I don’t know if I actually tracked every single day at the ranch.

I still have some time to be productive during my sabbatical. Let’s go!

Oh, I have to order textbooks for January.