Reading, Watching, and Writing to do

Karin got home last night and is back to work today. Today’s agenda includes the text about/by Ulises Carrión entitled Dear reader. Don’t read. I also have to watch the Artbound episode on Love & Rockets and the brothers Hernandez. I should also vet the media that emanated from my stay at Anderson Ranch before sharing it with my colleagues.

I changed the primary color in the style sheet for this blog to “Brilliant Amber”.

I feel pulled to complete the Scribus template to impose 4.5 x 6 pages as a 16 page signature onto a 18″ x 12″ sheet. I don’t like the page proportions, but it needs completion.

Finished the imposition while watching the Los Bros Hernandez Love & Rockets documentary.

Scribus allows automatic text boxes. I don’t think it is as supple with them in the “master” pages. I’m using scare quotes because it would be wise of us to use different nomenclature for template or matrix pages. The word template is reserved for document level patterns. Page level patterns are given a different name that come from a “master” and “slave” relationship. The connotations of the latter term are that a mindless mimicry more akin to puppetry, or akin to cookie-cutters. We need a better pattern language.

I have to add to my to-read list Wandering Games by Melissa Kagen, available as open access PDF chapters from MIT Press.

The Artbound documentary on Los Bros Hernandez is great!!!!. It reminds me of the DIY punk rock value and aesthetic.

It’s 10:00 am and I have to refocus. Reading Ulises Carrión:

I quick (15 minute) scan of the book. Reading the introduction. It is an exhibition catalogue of a retrospective of Carrión’s work with learned essays. The catalogue and the exhibition were named Dear reader. Don’t read. after a work (or set of works) as well as a value carried by Carrión, who theorized his own book arts practice. I have to revisit the individual essays. The PDF of the catalogue is shared via Creative Commons license. Very interesting.

I need to eat.

12:30 pm back at the desk. Going to have coffee with Brian to catch up at 2:00.

Began looking for imposition solutions in — or with — Scribus. Uncovered an effort that is new to me. Tabs are open in Chromium on the Pi-Top.

Just back from coffee with Brian. He is taking a job in another state. I am happy for him and sad for me.

We always talk about a lot of things.

Before I went to coffee I was thinking about AIGA and GDC and about how I never felt at home at either. I have felt at home at SWPACA. Sigh.

I’m feeling light sensitive today. It’s 4:30. I’m going to call it a day.