NOT distracted

activities so far today:

  1. I sewed the copy of one of this year’s DO NOT PRESS books that is made for Scott H’s birthday. I used a pamphlet stitch pattern
  2. I put El otoño del patriarca back on my ear phones.
  3. I re-jogged the remaining 3+4 books in the two editions and re-placed them in the book press
  4. I snapped a couple of photos first
  5. I snapped a photo of the new addition to the library, Irma Boom’s catalog raisonné as a micro-book edition from Typotheque.
  6. I converted my studio workstation from sitting to standing. This had been an intention. Today I acted upon it.
  7. Tomorrow our computational art research group meets over zoom. I spent time looking for the reading(s) to catch up.
  8. I found the reading mentioned in the Slack channel created for our comms. It was not mentioned in the google doc. It wasn’t mentioned in the Latex doc that I recall.
  9. I found several other readings that my completist brain wants to include in our bibliography.
  10. I ate lunch and washed dishes
  11. I began reading the essay:
    1. Li, Hashim, & Jacobs. “What We Can Learn From Visual Artists About Software Development”
  12. None of this is a distraction from making a game because the computational art group is an offshoot of the group exploring visual programming environments, which benefits me in no small measure.
  13. I put The Comet Is Coming’s new album in my ear phones while I read.
  14. apropos: Likewise, Molly shared how she would “solve code problems” while felting, constantly “switching back and forth between doing a little coding and doing a little felting or folding.”
  15. The references list for the essay is comprehensive. Nevertheless, it is missing some contributions by Leah Buechley.
    1. The LilyPad Arduino: Using Computational Textiles to Investigate Engagement, Aesthetics, and Diversity in Computer Science Education
  16. Interesting that Jacobs and Buechley co-authored a paper in 2013
    1. Codeable Objects
  17. I quickly skimmed the other titles that surfaced during my search. Only the book-length work from National Academies Press from 2003 may have systemic impact.
    1. Beyond Productivity: Information Technology, Innovation, and Creativity
  18. Listening to Carlos Vives now
  19. need to sit for a while. It’s ~2:15 pm. I’ll work on pi-top which is still at seated height
  20. It’s 4:00 and I’ve made a good first draft of the book containing Fuguet’s essay from 2001, Magical Neoliberalism.
  21. It was originally published on the Foreign Policy website. It includes film, literary, and cultural criticism. It reverberates strongly with efforts by authors and artists to escape the gravitational pull of magical realism. It invokes authors from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay. It invokes Borges, Vargas Llosa, as well as Garcia Marquez.
  22. I’m reminded of Picasso contending with Goya and Velazquez. And with Botero contending with all three.
  23. My new friend Ricky Armedariz — who was also at Anderson Ranch as a Visiting Artist for Latinx Heritage Month, has taught himself how to paint like Velazquez, and has taught others how to do so.
  24. We are finding ourselves both within and without our histories.
  25. I need a snack.