Megafauna migrations

I’m finding that the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk and his subsequent hard shift toward facism has me preparing to migrate my Advance Seminar, Contemporary Art In Situ, to Mastodon. This is not without its own challenges. Black Twitter and Social Justice Twitter are not finding a welcoming culture. The norms of Content Warnings (CW) and Trigger Warnings (TW) interfere with frank and difficult posting and frank and difficult conversations.

Other options that exist at present are Cohost (.org), Tumblr, Hive, Pillowfort.

On Mastodon the Pygame folks have been tracking my toots that I hashtagged and providing support. I don’t know where the artists hang out on Mastodon. Many are still getting accustomed to Instagram. I should look at PixelFed. I’ve opened a browser window full of tabs to look into this.

The infrastructure for PixelFed may be less mature than for Mastodon. There seem to be fewer overall users if is up to date.

On another front, we have been receiving affirming interest in a center for games at my university.

On yet another front, I want to spin up another Raspberry Pi 3B+ and compare the performance Chromium. I can’t imagine working on one without access to a browser. I found out that VS Code is built on top of Chromium and so its utility as a code editor on a Pi will suffer from similar performance issues.

I need USB-A SD Card read/write hub for the pi-top so I can backup the drives.

I’ve removed Thonny and Mu from the pi-top OS Sirius/Buster microSD card. I want to get a Linux cheat sheet so I know what commands I have available.

I just received a draft of the Center for Games proposal. I need to spend some time with it.

I woke up with tired eyes. Will need to read in morning.