I’m co-creating a new book—The Design Activist’s Handbook—with writer Michelle Taute, which will be published by HOW Books next year. Rather than fill it with case studies, we’re hoping to make this a practical guide to aligning your design career with your beliefs. We’re hoping you might be able to help us provide some inspiring and informative stories for readers. Specifically, we’re looking for: Artwork and interviews: Socially conscious design projects, both self-initiated and client projects, with good stories to go with them. We’d like to hear about failures and successes: –Your first efforts at socially conscious design. –Projects/situations where you struggled with ethics. –How you manage to pursue socially conscious design and still pay the bills. –What socially conscious design means to you. –Situations/projects that helped you discover your power as a designer. Referrals: Know someone else we should talk to? Or something you’d really like to see in the book? Please let us know! We’re especially interested in talking with in-house and agency designers who are working to affect change at their companies from the bottom up.