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  • I’m a science fiction writer, and as I became more familiar with design, it struck me that the futuristic objects and services within science fiction are quite badly designed. Why? That’s not a question often asked. The reason is pretty simple: Science fiction is a form of popular entertainment. The emotional payoff of the science…

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    Design Fiction :: Preview Welcome to NONOBJECT Design Fiction preview area. Feel free to browse previews from the book.Make sure you have Flash plugin installed. Have the sound ON for best experience. Do not copy, be inspired // MADE IN MIND

  • Extending this idea that science fiction is implicated in the production of things like science fact, I wanted to think about how this happens, so that I could figure out the principles and pragmatics of doing design, making things that create different sorts of near future worlds. So, this is a bit of a think-piece,…

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  • Aspiring young man III picture by Timature – Photobucket

    Aspiring young man III picture by Timature – Photobucket

  • In any case, Apple’s choice of who to give loaner iPads seems not to be influenced by what we’ve written in the past. It’s a pitch, to audiences it hasn’t yet won. It loaned early units to newspapers and mags not to entice their publishers into the App Store fold–they need no further convincing at…

  • Figure 8 Photo montage by Hannah Hoch, early 20th Century artist.

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