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  • ARAC Day 14

    Or should it be day 16? I don’t know. Here is the list: I played some more Carto yesterday evening. It’s beautiful visually. I have to complete the color studies for IRISE and CIPR today. I have a meeting with Olivia this afternoon to prep for the panel this weekend. I photographed one of the […]

  • ARAC Day 13

    List of today’s activities: Made it to studio at 8:30 am Testing Migraciones to ensure it works. Mac mini fires up fine. Auto boot of TSPS and Migraciones app as expected. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse paired immediately upon boot up. Camera dark. Rebooted and camera detected. Moved camera and signal lost, suspect cable. Rebooted again. […]

  • ARAC Day 12

    List of activities: Played some more Carto before brunch Anderson Ranch published and Instagram Reel to promote my visit this morning. I shared it to my FB, IG, and Twitter timelines. The art critic Jerry Saltz follows the ARAC IG feed and commented his approval and support of the Ranch’s efforts. At least one friend […]

  • ARAC Day 11

    Ex Post Facto post.  Spent most of yesterday studying (playing) games: Zelda III (in SNES emulation), A Short Hike (MacOS app), Richard Scarry’s Busytown (in Sega emulation), Carto (on Switch)

  • ARAC Day 12

    list of activities made it to studio by 9:00, even though rainy weather made me want to stay indoors woke up thinking about the map for Nemo’s Helper, and making a compressed Colombia, as absurd as that may be. researched the geography, the major rivers of Colombia. I know their names, but not their pathways. […]

  • ARAC Day 11

    list of activities: checked in at the visiting artist studio and still no wifi. I packed up laptop and ipad and moved back to photo studio. set up to make ipad outboard monitor remembered the Applied SciFi webinar I wanted to attend on Zoom copied version 17 of Nemo’s helper to iCloud downloads folder […]

  • ARAC Day 10

    List of activities: Last night Harry Teague invited me out for dinner. We went to the Woody Creek Tavern which used to be his local. The tavern has a storied history in the late 20th century as it was also the local for the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Harry described a rarefied and […]

  • ARAC Day 09

    List of activities read a chapter/story, “Los Simpaticos”, from The Assimilitated Cuban’s Guide To Quantum Santeria. It was fun and beautiful. I noticed that in the ebook version I am reading the spanish phrases are not italicized. Made it into the studio at 10:00 am which is later than I would have liked. Last night […]

  • ARAC Day 08

    List of today’s activities made it to studio ~9:15 organized hard drives and cables for move later today played Zelda III for a few minutes yesterday I read some superficial critiques of fetch quests as well as one guide for DnD on better practices. The guide was written from a point of view that heroes […]

  • ARAC Day 07

    Today we slept in a little and then zoomed with our boys. Afterward we packed Karin’s things into the car and drove into Snowmass Village — which has a year-round population around the ski resort. Parking in the free spaces was impossible, and we understood why when we realized all of the cars had expensive […]