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  • hug a veteran

    today is Veterans Day. Yesterday afternoon I created a new template for Scribus so I can fit a 3″ x 5.5″ page onto a 4.25″ x 5.5″ one. I honored the ~15mm printer margin available to my Epson 4800 so I can place page numbers and running heads in such a way as to fit […]

  • Tweaked my back

    either in my sleep or while making the bed. I have to add daily exercise to my routine. I’m in a hurry to get to my coffee and to the studio, I need to exercise so that I can make work longer into the future. The version of p5.js used by Kris DB in their […]

  • Coptic stitching and Invasores

    last night I stitched the first proof of micro- and nano- role playing games. I shared my findings on social media after taking some documentary images. today I reviewed some online tutorials for creating Space Invaders in P5.js to prepare for a possible collaboration with Eric G. I found a very helpful one from a […]

  • Lowering my frequency

    by Friday of last week it began to feel like this diary practice was more about obsession and less about discipline. Or rather that the discipline was making it harder to follow my bliss(es). The accounting was costing too much, becoming the activity itself. This hasn’t been helped by witnessing the changes on the microblogging […]

  • Taussig using Benjamin and Burroughs to make sense of Colombia

    I sat down to read a few more pages from My Cocaine Museum. The prose on page 16 is hallucinatory. I’m struck by the reliance on European thinkers to attempt to make sense. In addition to Walter Benjamin and William Burroughs, Taussig calls upon Reichl-Dolmatoff and Goethe. This is a very Teutonic collection. I’m also […]

  • Synchronicities

    Activities: Play Return to Monkey Island for a couple of hours to get deeper into fetch quests. The storyteller sub-quest (side quest?) prompts broader map navigation, more so than skill acquisition. It is necessary for earning access to an artifact that may/will become necessary later to retrieve an additional artifact. Map navigation revealed clues to […]

  • My Cocaine Museum

    This morning I did a quick web search for coca habitat. The two biggest hits came from the US DOJ and the US DEA. I shouldn’t have been surprised. I spent a couple of hours ordering the necessary materials for my classes that begin in January. I need to ensure that we can add typefaces […]

  • Studying fetch quests and organizing work

    Yesterday I played some more Return to Monkey Island to warm myself back up to game-making. I played some more this morning before sitting down to finish my ballot. I ran into a logic error on my part again. An item that I needed to collect was plainly visible, and I had interacted with it […]

  • I voted

    It’s monday october 31, 2022. The height of spooky season, and the dawn of the days of remembrance in Mexico. I wonder when christendom selected it as the days for all saints and all souls. was it perhaps during the 1500s? The Mexican dia de muertos has a relationship with the Monarch Butterfly migration. It […]

  • twiddle-a-diddle-dee-dee

    the purchase of twitter by Elon Musk was effected last night. the number of tweets about twitter on my timeline have been increasing since his first overture. at the dawning of twitter, when it was possible to read the “firehose” — the raw real-time timeline of posts — the majority of the tweets were about […]