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  • scattered brain

    I’ve had two writing tasks in the last month and I’m finding it difficult to difficulty coherent thoughts difficulty in forming paragraphs and forming nonlinear sentences. My wife says that I have no problem speaking in sounding like I make sense so maybe I should try dictating and that’s what I’m doing right now here […]

  • not that kind of doctor

    It’s after lunch and I’m about to attend a webinar. It is an information session for the PhD program in Critical Game Design at RPI. I’m curious for myself and for my students. This morning I: looked after the GroupMe bunch; triaged email; forwarded job listings to current and former grad students; read and edited […]

  • Megafauna migrations

    I’m finding that the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk and his subsequent hard shift toward facism has me preparing to migrate my Advance Seminar, Contemporary Art In Situ, to Mastodon. This is not without its own challenges. Black Twitter and Social Justice Twitter are not finding a welcoming culture. The norms of Content Warnings […]

  • Single digit lows

    clear blue sky with a high of 44°F and a low of 9°F. I sat to watch the speaker series for the Latinx in Games Festival after getting laundry done and lunch eaten. The first two speakers have history with Games For Change, the first as an event producer, and the second as a speaker. […]

  • Winter weather advisory

    It looks like it may become sunny today but it was bitter cold over night with continued light snowfall. I had a quick meeting with Eric G about Space Invaders. We will begin to share ideas on the conceptual side via email. He will share with me some images and I will ponder on how […]

  • Driving to the airport in the snow

    My beloved is off to Boston for a conference this weekend. Snow started falling just before I was to take her to the airport. It aggravated traffic and so we left an hour early. I got back and into the studio a little after 10:30. We are trying to reschedule a zoom with Eric G […]

  • (re)fresh(ing) Raspberry Pi

    it looks like I may have to flash a new micro SD card with an updated/upgraded Raspberry Pi OS for my pi-top. Better yet, I may have to grab one of my other Pi’s and use it as a development environment. I’ve tuned my pi-top so that I can set type on it. I have […]

  • packaging pythons

    there are a built in resources for packaging python scripts as executables applications. they seem to work with pygame. they may not work with pygame-zero and so the development environment may need to be more “grownup” than Mu. I imagine Thonny or IDLE will be fine but will have to test. I have a zoom […]

  • pyGame explorations on pi-top

    yesterday and today I began learning from – watching – the YouTube tutorial by ClearCode on pyGame (camel-case mine, they use all lower case). The tutorial is four hours long and so is a commitment. because I cant do things the straightforward way, I opt to use the Mu python learning environment on my pi-top […]

  • rebuilt my actual desktop

    my desk is built from tubular steel shelving that I bought at the container store over the last twenty years. I have kept my desk on wheels/casters. I’ve also kept many of my other shelving units on casters. I like to be able to reconfigure my workspace as the current project demands. First we (re)shape […]