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  • Problems Posers and Possibilities (v5d ~2020)

    Problems Posers and Possibilities (v5d ~2020)

    this is a prototype for an artist’s book edition of Problems Posers and Possibilities: meditations towards a unified field of (game) design. the prototype was printed with pigment inks onto 18″ wide bond paper, trimmed, folded, and gathered into a single 8.5 x 11 inch signature 48 pages in length. the thoughts in the essay…

  • Novena Navideña

    Novena Navideña

    This is posted in 2021 but documents a project begun in 2003 and continued in 2006. We have followed a tradition of nine-consecutive evenings of prayers leading up to and concluding christmas eve. My mother now has the prayers memorized, but always relied on a small prayer book to help keep track of our progress.…

  • Self-Documenting One-Sheet ‘Zine

    Self-Documenting One-Sheet ‘Zine

    I’ve never been good at Christmas cards. In the last ten years or so I’ve taken to making a very small edition of books and distributing them in a spirit of thanks giving. This feels more my speed. In the last couple of years I have found myself without ink for my printer and so…

  • materializing Helvetica

    materializing Helvetica

    materializing helvetica

  • dr manhattan floating

  • generative books for Do Not Press [•]

    generative books for Do Not Press [•]

    a year ago – December of 2015 – we returned to Denver after a six month sabbatical spent in Central and South America. During the sabbatical I fell out of the pattern of creating an annual thanksgiving Do Not Press edition. In the year since then I have created several small editions but not a…

  • workflow for Do Not Press under Mac OS 10.11.06 El Capitan

    I have found that the workflow I had established to impose pages no longer works under El Capitan. I had been using CreateBooklet as a service embedded within MacOS Preview application. It no longer worked within El Capitan. It would run a process, but show no results anywhere. I’ve updated to the low cost Create…

  • pamphlet bound sketchbook 2013

    pamphlet bound sketchbook 2013

    pamphlet bound sketchbook made from a single folded signature of cotton rag paper, most likely Arches 88. this one is from the fall of 2013. each year — since 2004 — I teach a class to our first year graduate students called Digital Design Concepts. the first project of the first day of class is…

  • rapid physical game design sketchbook

    rapid physical game design sketchbook

    smythe sewn signatures of paper taken from a block of white grid sheets, created sometime between 2010 and 2012.

  • The Artist’s Survival Kit by Keri Smith

    The Artist’s Survival Kit by Keri Smith

    at some point in the last five years I wanted to perform a gift for my sons, to share with them how to bind leafs into a book with Japanese binding. they are both fans of anime and manga, and both have artistic tendencies. it made sense to give them Keri Smith’s The Artist’s Survival…