ARAC Day 25, last day

woke up early and made final pass at packing suitcase, final pass at packing backpack, and final pass at packing day-pack. Washed breakfast dishes and was out of cabin by 10:00am as had been requested (demanded/expected). I caught sight of Idalia heading to cabin as I was lugging my luggage toward the entry gate to the ranch.

I sat to read in front of the Children’s Studio.

A succession of residents passed by and chatted as they were on their way to hike, or to meet up with a model, or coming back from exercise. I was even asked for guidance by a New Jersey man who had stopped in with his family. His daughter just graduated from SoA in Philly and his son had graduated from SVA in animation.

My cab driver arrived a couple of minutes early. The trip to the airport was very short.

The trains in the Denver Intl Airport were running as though they have too few cars and so wait until they are over-filled.

I took a cab home. All is well.

The stay — the visit — at Anderson Ranch Arts Center was magical in a way that snuck up on me. I think that the presence of the Resident Artists was important to me. So too was the enthusiasm of the staff. They let me air out ideas.

It was bittersweet to leave. It is good to be home. It is a little bit sorrowful to have left the ranch.