ARAC Day 21

At some point I spent more time with Mid Journey. I printed two more copies of of the submarine onto Canson Vidalon. This paper has too much ink hold-out. There is not enough dry time between print-head passes, even though I slowed it down in the advance settings. It may be possible to further manipulate these prints with water and brushes. The “wrong” use of the technology leaves an amazing texture on the surface of the prints. It may also leave ink caked on the print heads.

We agreed to give our artist talk at 4:00pm tomorrow along with some wine and some beer in the ranch cafe. I started slide selection for that talk. We agreed to talk for about 30 minutes each, Ricky and myself.

Prep the 1 hour workshop for the middle school students visiting tomorrow. Choose to go straight into Scratch. Choose to have them make accounts at the end of the hour, rather than at the beginning. Make a Scratch Studio to gather the work examples in an easier to find space.

Decided to up-sample the resolution of the Juan Valdez individual frames to 4096 x 4096 pixels. Opened each frame in Affinity Photo and exported as PNG with the nearest neighbor algorithm to target resolution. Does this mean they are each 4K images?

Remembered the anti-aliasing that occurred in Scratch when I moved one of the frames to re-center or re-base the origin. Decided to attempt to redraw the Juan Valdez frames as vectors in Affinity Designer. Saw that this was going to take too long and so tabled this activity for a later date.

Printed Banano Grande onto 9 x 12 Bristol, 5 copies.

I shared Banano Grande and Amapola (In)action Figures with Olivia. She recommended we redact the word “narco” from the sub so that we wouldn’t run afoul of visitors’ sensitivities. I thought this was a good call. I named the new version “Yellow Redacted Submarine (In)action Figure”.

I had a migraine just before lunch, and so I puttered around the studio after.