ARAC Day 20

Today I learned about my niece’s diagnosis. My brother called, shattered, in the morning. I had to subordinate my emotions to try and work. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone at the ranch to have an emotional breakdown. I called Karin and that helped a great deal.

We, Ricky and I, had a meeting with Olivia to walk through the upcoming visit by students from Basalt middle school on their first ever field-trip to Anderson Ranch. I shared with her the prints of the (In)action Figures and we decided to print them on the ranch’s copy machine onto card stock for the students.

We were asked by the Resident Artists over the weekend if we were scheduled to give artist talks to them so they could get to know what we are up to. Olivia checked with Meriwether to see what’s possible.

I may have made some progress on the small coffee-planting game in Scratch.