ARAC Day 17

List of activities:

  1. My back is still tender, but is improved over yesterday
  2. I had breakfast with the residents to get to know them. It’s extremely flattering how curious they are about our games.
  3. The event from last night was a slide jam where each of the sixteen residents had three minutes to present their work and share what they plan to work on during their ten-week residency.
  4. I forgot to press publish on yesterday’s post until I started writing this one. I was very distracted by my back pain.
  5. I got into the studio at 9:00 to pack the hardware for Migraciones.
  6. At 9:30 I began unpacking and installing Migraciones on very large display in the Photo & New Media building. I calibrated for a set of fluorescent lights that run down the middle of that space. I also calibrated so that one would have to be relatively close to the display to influence the piece.
  7. I finished that about 10:00 and then Olivia popped in and we began installing four laptops so people could play Crosser & La Migra. We finished at 11:00 am.
  8. I have an interview at 1:00 pm so I came here to get into the workshop headspace.
  9. I made more prints and then went to eat at 12:15. I had a conversation with Bob about his travels across the US and Cuba.
  10. We had our interview. I hope we did okay.
  11. It’s now 1:45 and we have another zoom thing at 4:00pm
  12. I built a studio in Scratch and started building a small game. I adapted the scratch cat to look more like Juan Valdez.
  13. zoom to prep
    1. popular belief that we are all the same. we are a plurality. Deep and rich conversation ensued.