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  • Papertronics – Lunar Modules Papertronics are paper toys with paper electronic circuits in them. The Lunar Landers come in a pack of three. Spaceboy, Alien Girl and Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa is blank and can be designed by you.Turn them into a cool night light, partylights or a fun additions to a room or desk.…

  • Paper Circuitry at Home: Electric Origami – Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

  • カミモデル kamimodel papercraft

  • カミモデル kamimodel papercraft

  • loscabrones: Pepakura Designer allows you to create paper craft models from 3D data. Pepakura Designer is developed in Japan and has been translated to English. This software is open to the public as shareware so you can download and try it freely although some advanced features are limited until you purchase a license key. Pepakura…

  • The Complex of All of These (via januarypress) (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)