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  • In December 2011, the Instructables Team took to the streets of San Francisco, proudly wielding before them a 12-foot cardboard Trojan horse. Man, I love my job. Why did this happen? We had been invited to the Autodesk Christmas party just a few blocks away from our lab and we thought we should take along…

  • bookporn: Book-Wyrm, a literal dragon by Joseph Wu Origami on Flickr.

  • industrialist: Reborn Cardboard, a sculpture project that consists of an armchair carved from 127 recycled boxes that have been glued together. Watch.

  • productdesigncollection: My Space by Liya Mairson

  • it8bit: Paper vs Pixel Created by Luis Novero

  • protoslacker: Arvind Gupta’s Toys from Trash is still one of the Internet’s great gifts.  “The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it !”

  • emergentdigitalpractices: THE GENERATIVE CONSTRUCTION TOY Brown University Engineering and Visual Arts lecturer Ian Gonsher’s Generative Construction Toy is a set of snap together shapes that you can cut out on a laser cutter and use as building blocks to design and build compound three dimensional objects. It’s like an evolving desktop fab version of tinker…

  • Daft Punk Cubotoy (by CUBOTOY)

  • Daft Punk Cubotoy (by CUBOTOY)

  • Marshall Alexander – Paper Engineer, Paper Links

    Marshall Alexander – Paper Engineer, Paper Links Marshall Alexander has curated a list of papercraft artists, blogs, and templates (platforms)!