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  • Cultures of Typographic Design

    Cultures of Typographic Design
  • rhizomedotorg: Artist Profile: Morehshin Allahyari This is the latest in a series of interviews with artists who have developed a significant body of work engaged (in its process, or in the issues it raises) with technology. See the full list of Artist Profiles here.

  • We’ve submitted an application to host a site for International Tabletop Day. This will be kept purposefully intimate.

  • Technorati State of the Blogosphere survey

    Every year, you help us make State of the Blogosphere the most comprehensive resource for bloggers, and about bloggers. The 2011 survey is live, and your input is critical. http://www.psasurveys.com/detect.aspx?I.Project=a18214 We’d love for you to share some information about blogging as your passion or your profession, that we can then share back with you, the […]

  • (via PDFmyURL.com – Free & Online: Convert and save PDF from any web page) malleable publishing.

  • new series in Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities (Ashgate)

    Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities (Ashgate) Series Editors: Marilyn Deegan is Emeritus Professor and Honorary Research Fellow at King’s College London. Lorna Hughes is University of Wales Chair in Digital Collections, National Library of Wales. Andrew Prescott is Chair of Digital Humanities, King’s College, London, UK. Harold Short is Professor of Humanities Computing, […]

  • The emergence of a new object of study or creation should always be seen as an opportunity to change the way that all academic disciplines — and the institution itself — work. When a new discipline emerges, universities should experiment with mechanisms that allow this new discipline to produce art, scholarship, archives, and teaching in […]

  • Could we engage ‘Digital Humanities’, with its separate IT staff who will deal with the technical details for clueless arts and humanities scholars? The concept of Digital Humanities might be useful for retiring linguists but is deadly for the media studies environment. The humanities itself should try to overcome its distance from computer science and […]

  • A Wilderness of Contradictions

    lareviewofbooks: F.X. Feeney Christopher SorrentinoDeath Wish Deep Focus/Soft Skull Press, November 2010 Jonathan LethemThey Live Deep Focus/Soft Skull Press, November 2010 “Is Death Wish a good movie that ultimately fails, or is it a bad movie that succeeds brilliantly from time to time?” Christopher Sorrentino asks this at the outset of his brief study of […]