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  • prostheticknowledge: How Augmented Reality Is Going Viral in the Art World, From the Omi Sculpture Park to a 9/11 Memorial by ArtInfo Above: “Unraveled” created by the architect Daniel Libeskind The aesthetic potential of such applications is obvious, and as a medium for art, AR has been gaining in mainstream appeal as ever more art-lovers […]

  • via: ReadWriteWeb: IBM Helps Tennis Fans “See Through Walls” with Augmented Reality

  • bashford: Augmented City (3D) Augmented reality is taken to the next, all-immersive level in Keiichi Matsuda’s film, recently presented at London’s 3D Film Festival at The Barbican. The architecture graduate and filmmaker has imagined a future world overlaid with digital information, whose built environment can be transformed at the touch of a few buttons. ‘The […]

  • Layar is seeking a creative and highly motivated senior interaction designer to join our design team. Are you the kick-ass interaction designer we are looking for? That dude or dudette that feels very comfortable working between the lines of design, product management and development on the bleeding edge of the emerging medium of augmented reality? […]

  • *Its so cute that this Dutch AR company survived an entire year, and how they’ve got real offices, real customers and even something like a business philosophy that they can share with lesser mortals. http://gamesalfresco.com/2010/07/07/short-interview-celebrating-layars-first-year/ *And they’ve got “floaticons.” A year ago, floaticons didn’t even exist. Augmented Reality: Layar, sense, scale, open and pull | […]